Elect Rion for Spokane Public Schools Director District 81

Spokane Education association Endorsed

“I’m running to represent the perspective of those who don’t have the time to keep up with the day-to-day of the school board. I will vote with these parents and their kids in mind. I would like to continue Spokane’s upward trend towards equity, mental health care, and opportunity for all SPS students and teachers.”

– Rion Ametu

I’m the father of a child in SPS. I’m a military Veteran and since I’ve lived in Spokane I’ve tried to do nothing but continue my service to my country and community.

Greater Focus on Equity Following through on Equity Policy Resolution 2020-11 to ensure the adoption of culturally responsive curriculum, training, and policies.

Expanded Access To Technology Ensuring that every student can access the technological tools and resources they need to be successful.

Improved Mental Health Services Expanding availability of important mental health services for students, educators, faculty, and staff at Spokane Public Schools.

About Rion

I was born in Los Angeles California to a mother from Ohio and father from Ghana. My childhood was a little unconventional. We moved a lot which meant I changed schools often. My strongest memory from childhood was finally understanding algebra, it became my passion in school. I applied that passion when graduating by pursuing a technical field as a Sonar Technician Submarines while serving my country in the Navy.

During my six years based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, serving on a submarine during Operations Enduring Freedom I rose to the position of Auxillary Operator, second to the Sonar Supervisor.

After my military service I have worked in sales and technical fields. I’ve lived in Spokane for 6 years with my wife and daughter. My daughter attends Spokane Public Schools. I enjoy time with family and friends and supporting my daughter’s interests in horseback riding, softball and dance. I have been a volunteer umpire for her softball games.


Since the move to Spokane I’ve been active in our local politics. Always striving to hold our elected officials accountable to the voters and increasing voter participation while strengthening their voice in the Political process.


We all experienced a level of hardship during this last school year. What we learned from this experience is that our teachers are one of our state’s most important resources, and I intend to make sure they are continually supported and compensated for it. 


I was a State Committee Member of Spokane County and changed the bylaws to be more welcoming and inclusive for new voters. I’m now a State Committee member of the 6th Legislative District.

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